Al Tuck on Stompin’ Tom in Words and Song

Here’s a note and song from Al Tuck.

“This is my song for Stompin’ Tom, written and recorded in the summer of 2012.

A friend of mine had expressed admiration for a song I had written about Gene MacLellan and suggested I do something similar for Mr Connors. The very next day I did.
I am proud to say this recording features Tom’s own fiddle/guitar player Billy MacInnis. I will forever regret not having released it – or at least sending it to Billy – sooner than this, the very sad occasion of the great singer’s death. Like the man himself said, in one of the finest choruses ever penned:

“To it and at it, at it and to it
You’ve got to tune your attitude in
If you don’t get at it when you get to it
You won’t get to it to get at it again.”

I hope rumours of a third book are true and that it finds it’s way to the marketplace.
My condolences to his family and friends.”

Song written by: Al Tuck

Recorded by: Mark Geddes

Guitar/Vocals: Al Tuck

Fiddle/Guitar:  Billy MacInnis

Piano: Johnny Ross

Bass: Devon Hornby

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