April 20th Rattlesnake Choir and Handsome Ned in stores for RSD


Available in stores across Canada on April 20th, we are proud to be a part of these Record Store Day exclusive releases.

Rattlesnake Choir – Walkin’ the Wire,  12″ VINYL (2012)

This 2011 release is the second offering from country-folk outfit Rattlesnake Choir is proof that tried and tested genres can still be taken to new places. Rattlesnake Choir features a formidable roster of renowned musicians with John Borra (guitar/vocals/ harmonica), Sam Ferrara (percussion/vocals), Tony Benattar (upright bass/dobro/vocals), Miranda Mulholland (violin/vocals), and Michael Boguski (piano/accordion). Recorded on 2” tape, this record was made for vinyl.  (12”, 12 tracks)

The Handsome Neds.  – In Spite of the Danger, 7″ VINYL (1985)  

If you know anything about the Cameron House, you probably know something about Ned. In the 80’s Ned was one of the guys who brought the urban cowboy thing to Queen Street, and part of the reason that you can still find cowboy shirts in Kensington Market today. Ned’s legendary Saturday Matinees, which eventually turned into night shows (due to “rock and roll punctuality”, and boozing in his upstairs accommodations) were the stuff of legend and anyone who saw them remembers them with great warmth admiration and a general haze that encompasses the Cameron in that era.

When Jim Masyk, Ned’s brother, came to us with 200 New Old Stock copies of Ned’s, aptly named band The Handsome Neds 7” recording of In Spite of the Danger (Steve Koch – Guitar, Rene Fratura – Bass, J.D. Weatherstone, and Ned on Guitar) that he had squired away in his basement, it was a no brainer to release them on Cameron House Records. What better occasion than Record Store Day? Side A of the 45 features the title track, In Spite of the Danger, and on the B side, Ain’t No room for Cheatin.’  Its happening this 4/20, check your participating record store!

To celebrate the occasion, Rattlesnake Choir will be playing at The Dakota Tavern on April 20th – 10pm.  

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