FERRARO release debut EP, Stream NEW single “Bandit”

The next release from Cameron House Records certainly has some family ties.

The band aptly named FERRARO was formed by the three Ferraro brothers, who are no strangers to the Toronto music scene.

The brothers are sons of Paul and Anne Marie Ferraro (Sannella) and nephews to the late Paul Sannella, who teamed up to open the Cameron House in 1981, long before Cosmo, Gianni, and Tally were born.

Having taken in a lifetime of music, being surrounded by artists and musicians that occupy the rooms of the Cameron House,  their sound has been influenced by the bars eclectic past, and bolstered by their own individual musical tastes.

The eldest brother, Cosmo who is the current owner/manager of the Cameron House and Co-Founder of Cameron House Records states, “Gianni and I started playing together when I was 14 and he was 10. Not long after that, Tally wanted in, and we told him that he had to learn to play the bass if he wanted to join the band; he was six years old then.”

It wasn’t long before they would start playing shows to friends and family in the back room of the Cameron House. With Cosmo (25) on guitar, Gianni (21) on drums, and Tally (17) on bass, they’ve been playing live bar shows for over five years. They’ve enlisted their cousin Tom on electric guitar to keep it in the family, which makes up the current edition of  FERRARO.

For many years Ferraro was a cover band that played no original music whatsoever. It was through this method that they were able to develop their musical skills and get their live performance “chops” up to a certain standard. During the past year and a half, Gianni started writing some of his own material which was incorporated into their live shows, which now consist largely of original music.

An interesting dynamic that sets Ferraro apart from many other bands, other than the fact they all look the same, is how their original songs are written and  sung (for the most part) by the drummer. All four members do play a prominent vocal role, both during their live shows and on their debut recordings.

Recorded at Revolution and Ill Eagle studios in Toronto, the six song EP will be released Saturday March 9th at The Cameron House (back room) (408 Queen st. West) 9:30 pm. Sam Cash opens and Tarantuela closes the evening in the front room.


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