Hey Peterborough. Get ready for Tarantuela!

After destroying Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern (not literally,The Horseshoe still stands) last Friday, Peterborough-born roots rockers and recent media sensation Tarantuela is coming home to release their new album Good Luck-Black Cat-Bad Luck.  Prepare for a good time at the Red Dog, this Friday at 9pm, with special guests Shotgun Wedding Band, Colour TV in Every Room and Charming Ruins opening.

In a recent Exclaim! review Jason Schneider wrote, “Maybe it’s because Ronnie Hawkins still lives near Peterborough, ON, but there has to be some explanation as to why there’s recently been a slew of young bands from there that unabashedly carry on the lessons he once taught his first Canadian disciples, who became the Band. Tarantuela are the latest to emerge from this scene and the most compelling in their devotion to recreate the Band’s all-too-brief glory days.”

Lead singer Jay Swinnerton isn’t surprised at the number of bands coming out of the ‘gateway to the Kawarthas’, “The Peterborough music scene has always had a large number of bands considering the population. When I was cutting my teeth at open mic nights in high school, I was being exposed to the bohemian and roots/blues scene of Peterborough with acts like The Silver Hearts, Willie P. Bennett, and Dave Tough, among many others.  At the same time there was a number of rock and roll bands putting on good shows. This music just had a certain vibe of older small town music that has come to be known as the “Peterborough Sound”. Working at the Spill for a few years was great because they show hospitality to touring acts, so the bands who want to make ‘a go of it’, end up at the Spill.”

Swinnerton first played the Cameron House when he was only 18-years-old.  In more recent years he struck up a friendship with owner Cosmo Ferraro who promptly showed interest in the band.

“We were doing a residency at the Dakota Tavern in Toronto when Cosmo set up a meeting to talk about the new label he was starting. Realizing that this may be a way to further my career, I moved into a place on Cameron Street (directly across from the Cameron House) and I’ve been there every night since.”

Since then there have been plenty of memories for Swinnerton and company.  Crazy dancers insinuating themselves dangerously close to the stage, colluding with a member of The Sadies to kick a drunk out of the bar, and even doing a duet on Georgia on My Mind with Mike Mills from REM.

He thinks more bands from his hometown should try their luck in Toronto, “I hope some great bands from Peterborough will at least visit and get to know the scene better, it’s so close. There’s a much more lucrative music scene in Toronto, and to make a career out of it, you need to base yourself s out of a metropolis as well as tour frequently. That being said, I’ve recently seen Peterborough bands like The Spades, The Silver Hearts and The Burning Hell doing quite well in the city.”


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