NXNE at the Cameron House

It was at a Corin Raymond show in the dead of winter.  The Canadian Tire money maven  introduced a bespectacled girl from Montreal, and said she’d be singing a couple of songs.  The regular crowd of C.R. devotees wasn’t sure what to expect, but what they got blew them away.  It was Montreal songstress Charlotte Cornfield singing a song none of them had heard before, but that none of them would soon forget.  This one, Big Volcano, Small Town.

That’s the type of thing that can happen on any given night at the Cameron House, but the odds are that much higher it will happen during NXNE, when bands from far and wide are dropping in every night of the week.  And it’s guaranteed you’ll see Charlotte Cornfield, because she’s one of the musicians kicking off NXNE with us in the backroom on Wednesday.  Her set starts at 11pm.

But just because a lot of interesting new acts will be providing music late into the night (We’re serving till 4am during NXNE) doesn’t mean the front room won’t be filled with the usual high-level talent.  On Wednesday for example there’s Doug Paisley at 6pm, a guy who’s been getting positive notices in a few little publications you might have heard of, like The New Yorker and Rolling Stone.  

Click here for complete listings at the Cameron House this week.  Later in the week another act from Wednesday night, Kevin Black, will provide a guest blog on his NXNE experience at the Cameron House.

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