Sam Cash Tour Diary

June 1st 2012

First day of tour. Off to an interesting start. The inside panel of the passenger door fell off before we left the city. It’s been pouring rain since the minute we left. We are running behind schedule. At 5:30 we passed Kingston, and I’m supposed to start my set at in Montreal at 9:00. Also, we got the car assessed yesterday. The mechanic threw a bunch of big mechanic words at us, most of which we didn’t really understand. It sounded like he was saying that the whole bottom of the car would fall off soon—something about the tires being shit, the axle not aligning, and some ‘balls’ being loose. The car shakes and lurches when we’re at a red light. It feels like it’s going to explode soon. Not sure how other people’s tours go, but this one seems like a classic start.

 June 2nd 2012

Played Cafe Bar Zenob tonight. Trois Riviers. Being in Quebec makes me wish I spoke French. Dear Sister played beautifully. They’ve got the whole package, and I can only imagine great things for their future. These guys have their shit together. They’ve got an awesome merch box, and they made t-shirts—I almost forgot my CD’s. The rain continued all day today. I don’t think it will end.

June 3rd 2012

Trois Riviers, on our way to Woodstock. Since being in Montreal we seem to have adapted the student diet there—fried breakfast, A & W burgers and late night Chinese food. Glorious and awful at the same time. We are in desperate need of some apples. I was amazed that people came out last night, and that they paid money. They had no clue who we were, yet the small bar was almost packed with people. And they actually listened. It’s very reassuring to know that people actually appreciate what you do—that they will actually buy CDs. In these small towns we’re going through, nothing is being put on. No one is trying to catch the next hip wave of whatever is ‘in’ at the moment. These people are genuinely interested and invested in the music that comes through their town. I think it gives us all a little hope, knowing that what we do could have a positive influence on someone.

June 4th 2012

Playing in Woodstock, NB tonight. Bistro 610. The woman (Tracy) who books the bar offered us her cottage to crash out. We started driving yesterday at around 2. We got turned around in Rivere de Loupe (Bri’s fault) and ended up driving longer then we should have to get to Woodstock. In the stark night of the forest roads, we discovered that our high beams didn’t work—somewhat of a necessity. As a result we were all on moose watch. We would have liked to pull into the cottage during the day—so we could get our bearings and what not. We also forgot that the clocks get moved ahead an hour. After finding the cottage in the pitch dark—everyone was spooked, probably because I kept saying “This is the kind of place where people get axe murdered”—we went in to assess the place. The power was dead. Everything—plumbing, electricity, and heat. We were in the middle of nowhere—about a half hour outside of Woodstock. We made the best of it. We made a big salad, lit some candles and played crazy eight countdown.

June 5th 2012

Day off in Woodstock. Small town folk are great—and slightly crazy. Stayed in the cottage again. Played cards, drank whiskey and sang some songs. It was kind of amazing. We talked about things that we needed to talk about—sometimes whiskey can sort of a lot of stuff. We had no booze after the show so the bar tender “lent” us a bottle of Canadian Club. He just said “buy a bottle tomorrow and bring it back to us” Pure, blind, innocent trust. Beautiful. It’s nice to see the good in people. He had no clue who we were and he just reached behind the bar and gave us a bottle. In his mind there was no scenario in which we wouldn’t bring it back. I wish I could have that much trust in people. A product of big city living I guess. So we went back to the cabin with the bottle and just hung out.

June 6th 2012

Playing in St. Andrews tonight. Took a recommended back road route to get here. The car was definitely not built for that type of driving. When I think back roads, I think a little semi-paved highway through the woods. This was not that. This road was a logging road. Ungraded, unpaved dirt with huge rocks and pot hole. Given the assessment of our vehicle before we left, we were just waiting for a wheel to pop. Last night Raven started writing a song. Comeau helped. It seems like we were all involved. It was inspiring to say the least—beautiful actually. There’s something about the lack of electricity—being in the woods, lighting the room with candles—that adds a bit more magic to everything.

June 8th 2012

We’re in Sackville right now. Playing an early set at the Bridge Street Cafe. We have a radio interview here also. Comeau has really done a great job booking this tour. Stayed above the Plan B bar in Moncton last night. Definitely the coolest place we’ve been so far. The nicest people. Everyone just lives easy. They described the bar—and everyone who works at it— as one big family. Kind of like the Cameron House. Moncton parties hard. We’re driving back tonight to play again. I keep forgetting that this tour is very much Dear Sisters’ tour, which I am completely fine with. The focus is on them, for good reason. I got chills when they played last night. They have this amazing ability to just captivate any audience, no matter what bill they are put on. When it comes down to it, our music is very very different. I find myself trying to pick out all my country/folk tunes, which isn’t really my thing any more. I’m just along for the ride and having a great time. So I’m ok with not selling as many CD’s as they do, and I’m fine with not as many people listening—this is the most at peace I’ve been in a while. The city has a way of making me very anxious. But when you take away all that frantic fast city stuff, you learn to appreciate just playing music with friends.

June 9th 2012

Once again, Moncton kicked my ass. Huge kitchen party. We got put on a bill with two amazing bands. The Backyard Devils from Moncton, and this band Liquorbox. Ran into Dustin Bentall in the bathroom at Plan B. Awesome time hanging out with him. He summed it up best when he texted me a few days later: “That’s my favorite part of being on the road, seeing pals in foreign towns”. The kitchen party got topped off with one of the guys from the Devils getting naked. Moncton throws down.  Hope to be back.

June 10th 2012

Last show of the tour. It’s been amazing. We played in Fredericton last night. We were on a bill with this band Larry and His Flask. They were insane. I urge everyone to check them out. I noticed out east there’s a big attraction to punk-country-heavy-bluegrass. It rocks hard. They loved our tunes even though we were playing completely different music from them. This tour has been a great experience and I’m so glad I did it. Playing at The Carleton in Halifax tonight. What a great venue. Before the show starts, Mike (the owner) essentially tells people to shut up and listen to the bands as opposed to sitting at the bar and talking. It’s amazing. He’s a real supporter of music. He used to manage Joel Plaskett way back when. We’re booking to Montreal tomorrow to get to Toronto for the 12th. Rocking out with Jason Collett and Taylor Knox. Stoked.

I really want to sincerely thank my pals Dear Sister for bringing me out with them. If anyone takes away anything from this, it should be to check out their website. They are truly amazing and only have big things on their horizon.

Sam Cash is a Toronto singer-songwriter whose sound has been compared to the likes of a young Elvis Costello or Tom Petty. His debut album Teenage Hunger, released late 2011, has been well-received in reviews by Exclaim! Magazine and in enthusiastic quotes from Hawksley Workman and Serena Ryder.


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