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Nichol Robertson – Stranger Things

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The new album Stranger Things from Nichol Robertson is a timeless treasure.  This old-school guitar slinger lays out a compelling example of the rarely-seen instrumental country/surf/riff playing that can only be hatched from a musical mind seasoned by hours and years of live gigs.

Nichol is a musician in it for the long haul, and he certainly plays lots of gigs (with everyone from Friendly Rich to The Woodchoppers).   The songs and production harken back to an earlier time that may remind you of a young Les Paul, early Lenny Breau or even teenage Jimmy Page.

This rock solid album relentlessly pleads its wordless case for more clean melodies and razor-sharp licks.  It will make a believer out of indie rocks fans, jazz heads and country hippies alike.  You will not be disappointed by this album.

Thick Specs 

Even though country music is maligned for the often-homogenous sounds of its top-selling artists, the genre remains home to some of the best instrumentalists in the world. It’s always interesting when those players get a chance to stretch out on their own, and it’s in that spirit that this Toronto guitar and banjo virtuoso has made his debut solo album. Robertson has been an in-demand sideman for years, and the 14 instrumentals on Stranger Things clearly prove why. Accompanied by other top-notch names on dobro, pedal steel, string bass and drums, Robertson creates a party atmosphere right from the first notes, and the versatility of the group soon becomes head-spinning as they weave their way through a wide range of classic country and bluegrass themes. Sprinklings of Latin lounge (“Yoodoo Juan”) and pure twang (“Pentagram Rock”) add further intrigue. Any fan of the Sadies needs to hear this record.