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Tarantuela – Good Luck-Black Cat-Bad Luck

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Produced by Tarantuela and James Mckenty
Engineered and Mixed by James Mckenty at Pirate Radio Studios
‘Rita May’ and Horn parts Recorded by Jamie Muir At The Cameron House
Mastered by Joao Carvalho
All songs written and arranged by Jay Swinnerton and Tarantuela.
Tarantuela is:
Jay Swinnerton – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Acoustic and Electric Guitars/Piano/Organ/ Tambourine
Rob Viscardis- Lead Guitar/Vocals
Jamie Muir – Organ, Piano/Vocals
Marty Kerslake – Bass Guitar/Vocals
Steve Kerslake- Drums/Vocals

Featuring :
Ryan J. West – Mandolin/Vocals
Michael Louis Johnson – Trumpet
Steve Ward- Trombone
Tommy Street – Bongos

‘Rita May’ features:

Aaron Comeau
Cosmo Ferarro
Dave Borins
Rob Viscardis
Devin Cuddy
Arif Mirabdolbaghi
Kayla Howran
Greg Cockerill
Nigel Hebblewhite
Nate Mills
Jamie Muir
Frank Nevada
Bryan Boake
James Plouffe
Raha J
Chris Lyons
Mike Formusa
Danko Howran

This is a short list of people who’ve supported and let us have some fun:
The Cameron House, Ryan J. West, James McKenty, Joao Carvalho, Jamie Muir, Dave Tough, Tommy Street, The Ferraro Family, Mike Mckeown, BBDO, Kerry Swinnerton, The Venisons, Kayla Howran, Jesse Pilgrim, Devin Cuddy, Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People, Steve Ward, Whitney Rose, Jane’s Party, Melissa Payne, Michael Louis Johnson, Jeremy Kelly, Bryan Boake, Ian Osborn, Andy Pryde, Al Tuck, Dave Tobey and The Spill, Bradleyboy, Mike Duguay, Jack Marks, The Silver Hearts, The Shotgun Wedding Band, The Sadies, The Burning Hell, Sun Ra Ra Ra, Al Black, Ashton Swinnerton, Laura Proctor, Cameron House Records, and everyone else we forgot to thank.
Thank You!